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Name:White Shores
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Community description:Memorials to fandom friends who have passed away ...

Welcome to the Whiteshores memorial community ... This community started life on LJ in late 2016 as [profile] thewhiteshores and while it is still there, it is unlikely it will be updated in the future.

Those of us in the Tolkien fandom have lost a lot of dear friends over the years. When the dearest of them all, [personal profile] mews1945, passed away last year, we decided to build a memorial community where we can share stories and sadness and, most of all, our love and affection, which does not pass when they do.

Here is a list of possible things that could be included in a memorial post. This is an early list of thoughts from me (Baranduin) and is just that, early thoughts.

- User Name
- Links to existing archives and journals where they had a presence and might still. So, could be LJs,, the AO3, fandom-specific archives like Many Paths to Tread or Stories of Arda, personal archives that might still be out there)
- When they passed (if known)
- How you connected with them
- Fandoms they were involved in and loved
- Any memories you want to share
- Links to and appreciation of favorite stories or art of theirs

1. Does someone need to have been in the Tolkien fandom to have a memorial post added here? No, not at all! All are welcome.
2. What if there is already a memorial post for someone and I want to do my own rather than just comment? Make another one! It's all good.

Community Standards:
1. No trolling.
2. Maintainers decide what that is.
3. For posts including graphics, please only post one outside of a cut, everything else should be under a cut. Thank you!

Interests (20):

art, drawing, fanart, fandom, fandom is fucking grate, fanfic, fpf, fps, interspecies, memorials, memory, not all tears are an evil, painting, remember her, remembering, role playing, rpf, rps, slash, writing
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