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Oct. 30th, 2016 02:36 pm
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I see that lavendertook has posted a lovely and comprehensive description of the service for Julia. I have little to add except that Julia has a very loving family who really appreciated and admired both her sweet nature and her variety of talents. (Who knew about the singing and art?!?) I spoke with her daughter Amanda and son-in-law Jeff before the ceremony to let them know that Julia's lj community was having their own memorial at the same time, and that even if they couldn't all be there in person they were with us in spirit. They were very touched and pleased.

Lots of people knew about lj and the circle of writers of which Mews was one. She obviously was proud to be part of the community and have so many friends here.

It is great to be in touch again. I apologize for not remembering even enough about how to navigate lj to be able to link lavendertook's name above! (If anybody has a cheat sheet about how to code things I'd appreciate it.)

I was very moved and a little shaken by Julia's service, partly because it reminded me so much of my own mother's funeral three weeks ago. Watching Amanda go through all the actions for which I was responsible recently made it very present again. It seems that so many people have recently had losses, and I'm sorry that my absence from lj has made me absent from the lives of people I care about. Thank you for letting me participate here. Love!
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