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Like a lot of you, I don't remember exactly when Mews and I became friends. It seemed like she always was there and always would be. It's very hard to accept that I will never read a new Mewstale, or receive an insightful comment or word of support from her, or discover new fic treasures through her recs lists. Mews had knack for seeing to the heart of things and knowing exactly the right words to say. She was smart and wise and nobody's fool at the same time as she was kind and generous and loving. And not many people, in my experience, can be all those at once. She was also brave in the face of adversities that would have crushed many people.

When I think of her writing, what comes to my mind is how filled with detail her stories were, so that you were completely transported into the worlds she created. She was an incredibly gifted storyteller and thankfully left us a wealth of stories to turn to for solace and inspiration. When I'm missing her, I know I can find her in Hometown Boys or Frodo Lad or Family. That is such a huge comfort.

Namárië, dearest Mews. You will always be in my heart.
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