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I don't remember when I first became aware of Mews on LJ. Even though I had commented anonymously on several journals for a number of months, I finally created my own account in December of 2003. Mews created hers in April of 2005. I wish I could pinpoint the exact time, but since all my posts, especially those where I posted my fic, were public, I have to assume that I first learned of Mews when she left a comment on one of my stories.

It was my habit back then to check out the journals of anyone who commented on my fics, and if I thought we had something in common, to friend them. When I learned that Mews was close to my own age, which I originally thought was rather too old to be a fangirl, I immediately felt a kinship to her, and when I found out she was also a writer and wrote in my chosen fandom, that sealed the deal.

We had different styles, of course. While I wrote one-offs, or small ficlets that were more vignettes than stories, Mews wrote a number of different multi-chaptered series, Sean/Elijah and Casey/Zeke among them. I was amazed at how prolific she was, and how much heart she put into all her work. She seemed to feel the same about the S/E pairing as I did, which made her writing so enjoyable for me.

As much as I enjoyed her writing, what I liked most about Mews was her encouragement to other writers like myself. She always left comments on my fic posts, and when I did reposts of those stories I'd first posted in community journals like [livejournal.com profile] waymeet and [livejournal.com profile] fffc, she usually commented a second time, something I didn't expect, but greatly appreciated. And when I embarked on my first series, Sanctuary, co-written with [livejournal.com profile] keye, Mews always commented on every chapter. Even when most of our readers had moved on to other fandoms, Mews continued to comment on Sanctuary, sometimes hers being the only comment we received on a particular chapter. I can't tell you how much her loyalty meant to me.

One of the last fic requests Mews made of me was for a hurt/comfort story in the Sanctuary Universe, and while my Muse had been absent of late, I'm happy that I was finally able to finish the story she'd requested, and that she got to read it before the end. I'm also very proud that I was able to gift her with a Sean/Elijah fic on her last birthday.

I wasn't fortunate enough to meet Mews in person as so many of you were, but her personality came through in her posts and in her fiction. She was a lovely person, inside and out, truly the heart and soul of our fandom, and her passing has left a hole in my heart. I will miss you, dearest Mews.
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