Apr. 14th, 2017

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Just a list of things I've been thinking about including as a sort of template (not that this would need to be followed, more as a suggestion of possibilities).

- User Name
- Links to existing archives and journals where they had a presence and might still. So, could be LJs, fanfic.net, the AO3, fandom-specific archives like Many Paths to Tread or Stories of Arda, personal archives that might still be out there)
- When they passed (if known)
- How you connected with them
- Fandoms they were involved in and loved
- Any memories you want to share
- Links to and appreciation of favorite stories or art of theirs

ETA: I have put in a draft bio on the profile page if you want to check it out and make suggestions. I included a pic from the movie that seems appropriate. I don't think there are any issues with including that image. Thank you!
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Here's a stub of what a post might look like:

Name: Thamiris
LJ: http://thamiris.livejournal.com (Thamiris's Glossolalia) Note: Her lj is in memorial status so I think safe from purging, please correct if I'm wrong.

Archives and Other Sites:
- Odysseys and Ecstasy (Still up in 2017!)
- Fanlore Entry

When they passed (if known): April 4, 2007. She passed away from breast cancer.

How you connected with them: Back in 2002, even before I got my own account on LJ, I had an early fandom friend (names: azimuth, selyons and a bunch of other names, she ran the frodo_slash yahoo group) who told me about LJ and offered me an account. I didn't take her up on it then though I did a few months later. But I started reading LJ obsessively, completely clueless about what it was for and why I was so fascinated. [profile] thamiris was probably the first LJ user I ever started following.

Fandoms they were involved in and loved: So many! Bible slash! So good! So shocking! She loved Smallville so much. And Hercules!

Any memories you want to share: While Tham and I weren't personal friends, I loved that she was this BNF in fandom (back when maybe BNF wasn't such a loaded term) who was throwing out all these provocative ideas and having a ton of fun while she did it. She ran multifandom challenges that I participated in and was so gracious and welcoming, the epitome of what you want to see in a mod.

Links to and appreciation of favorite stories or art of theirs:
- In Principio. NC17. God/Lucifer. A revisioning of creation.

~Memories, recs and links welcome in comments, thank you~


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