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As I'm thinking of her this morning, two things in particular come to mind.

*Her fic recs. She always did the best roundups. And she did this even when she wasn't writing herself. She was so incredibly generous of spirit. Always she wanted everyone to know where to find fun things they might enjoy reading, even if she wasn't feeling all that well herself and it was a lot of effort for her. I miss her fic roundups. They were the best. <3

*I know I've talked about this a lot on my own LJ lately, but...Mewsie was one of the voices of clarity who brought me back into managing my diabetes earlier this year. The best part was that not only was she honest - painfully honest - w/me, she told me so many of her ideas for lower carb meals and snacks, esp ones that didn't require a lot of cooking b/c she just couldn't anymore. It gave me much more a sense of the direction I needed to be thinking, and even though it's taken a lot of months to fully sink in, it's been a comfort to me. I wasn't sure what a suitable lunch looked like, honestly; my parents are the king and queen of carbs. But Mewsie gave me perspective, and she did it both gently and firmly, never shying away from the reality of how essential it is to control our blood glucose levels in diabetes, but also...also she taught me that it's not necessary to freak out over occasional high numbers, esp when we're stressed or sick. Mewsie understood so much about living with diabetes - far more than most of the other people I know with it. She and Baranduin and Elwen helped me see the light...and while it's taken me a long time to get back on track, I'm optimistic. And I don't feel trapped anymore.

I'm dedicating my efforts at tightening up my control in large part to Mewsie. If I get a good number in January, I'll have her (and Baranduin and Elwen) to thank. But I will never, ever forget how kindly she said all she did, how she made it seem not so bad to have to manage it, how doable she made it all feel. I miss her every day. I think of her every time I check my BG. And I hope I can do the kindness she showed me justice.

Julia was so precious. She could be snarky at times, and she wasn't afraid to tell it like it was. But she was also so gentle at times, and always so thoughtful and creative. I loved her fic; I loved her; I loved everything she shared with us...and I miss her so much, as I'm sure do we all.

I hope it's beautiful over there in the West, Mewsie. Miss you here, but I'm glad you're no longer suffering.

*hugs to all*

Remembering with a full heart,
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